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A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story
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A Beautiful Story

The origin of A Beautiful Story is rooted in a small fair-trade silver factory in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Here, twenty silversmiths worked to make jewelry and were eager to share their creations with the world. These silversmiths were craftsmen who devoted their life to the realization of their passion and to the creation of beautiful jewelry. The products of A Beautiful Story are fair-trade, which is very important to the brand. 

The owner of the factory in Kathmandu, Dambar, was excited to reach out to customers and promote their amazing product. He reached out to Cathelijne Lania, a Dutch woman who had volunteered in Nepal some time before. She had returned back to the Netherlands and had been pondering new ways to improve the world economy. When Dambar reached out to her, she hopped on a plane without thinking twice. The rest is history.

A Beautiful Story was born. The silversmiths, Dambar and Cathelijne discussed if it was possible to create products with a special message. This way, the silver factory was able to approach new customers and enter new market territories. The group came into contact with a group of women. After this, A Beautiful Story returned to the Netherlands with the jewelry that they had created.

Cathelijne and Dambar have since created many collections of jewelry with different materials. The jewelry is made with traditional basting and crochet techniques by men from the silversmith factory and a group of women who call themselves Beads for Life. Each piece of jewelry is unique and has made their own journey, resulting into a beautifully unique story. The jewelry by A Beautiful Story is perfect to gift to a loved one.

Collection A Beautiful Story

The bracelets, rings and necklaces of A Beautiful Story incorporate gemstones that represent their own set of characteristics in life, such as motivation, personal growth and self-confidence. Complete your entire look with one of these elegant bracelets that perfectly suits your personality. You'll find a number of classics at The Little Green Bag, including the Refined Adventure Gold Plated bracelet, the Gentle Garnet Gold Plated bracelet and the Nirmala Black Onyx Silver Plated bracelet. Surprise a loved one with with the Jewelry Postcard that you can easily send to them or give on their birthday. The cars have a magical text and drawing with a beautiful bracelet made of cotton wax thread and a handmade coin. These coins have different engravings depending on the design of the card. Give someone a little magic with a special greeting card and jewelry from A Beautiful Story!

The chains by A Beautiful Story are beautiful to wear and also very trendy. The chains are made from metal and embellished with charms and beats. These accessories are perfect to mix and match for a unique style. Complete your look with the Gold Plated Earrings, for example. These stunning earrings have a large oval ring with an amazing gemstone that has its own characteristics. 

Are you looking for a beautiful ring? The collection of Filled rings by A Beautiful Story is bound to have one that you love. The ring is made up of beautiful gold-colored beads and have amazing gemstones in the middle. The rings have, much like the bracelets and necklaces, different meanings. This way you can match your jewelry together perfectly.

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