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Rain coats

Rain coats

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Rain coats for women

Staying dry in the rain in a rain jacket is nowadays stylishly possible. At The Little Green Bag we make a careful selection of fashionable quality products, including when it comes to a rain coat. Our collection consists of the largest clothing (and bags) line of Rains, Maium, Stutterheim and more! You can guarantee that you will arive at your destination dry with a raincoat women from our collection.

Singing in the Rains

Do you always walk through the rain while you're singing? No! But With a Rains raincoat you definitely will! Rains rain jackets are available in different colours and models. This allows you to choose between the Jacket, the Long Jacket, the Curve Jacket and the Parka Coat. Each rain jacket is made of 50 % PU (synthetic leather) and 50 % PET (thermoplastic polyester). The latter reacts strongly to water and ensures that molecules become shorter. This makes the rain jacket waterproof and keeps it pleasantly dry.

The rain coats are unisex and therefore easy to wear by both men and women. Are you looking for a short jacket? Then the Rains Jacket might be something for you. Do you want something longer? Then the Long Jacket or the Curve Jacket is perfect. Rains has even though about the winter! Do you want a raincoat that will keep you dry and warm throughout the winter? Then choose one of Rains' Puffer jackets. That way you're guaranteed to get through the winter comfortable. With the collection of Rains jackets at The Little Green Bag, everyone has a perfect raincoat ladies for the coming rainy season.

Nice match

Do you like it so much to go out the door in a matching outfit? Of course you can do this with a ladies raincoat too! Both our Rains and Herschel raincoats have matching bags! For example, go on the road with your Rains Backpack, or Duffle bag! Are you more of a Herschel fan? No problem. Match your Herschel raincoat perfectly with a great Herschel bag. Go for the Little America backpack where you can take all your important stuff with you! Or go for a bag with a zipper and take the Settlement backpack. Not only are these bags very stylish. They are also functional. Easily take all your important stuff and your laptop on the road in one of these beautiful bags!

Attention: the bags of Rains are just like their coats resistant to a shower to a certain extent. Herschel's bags are made of canvas, so they're not meant to withstand the rain. So it is not advised to take these bags outside in a heavy shower.

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