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Backpacks collection

Backpacks are perfect for many different occasions. Whether you are on your way to school or work, staying over at a friend's house, or on your next road trip, a backpack can fit all you could need. But what makes a good backpack?

Easy, all backpacks in our collection are good backpacks! We carefully select our collection based on strict requirements for quality. What materials are used? How is the construction? How much can you fit into the bag? Is everything in reach? Is it comfortable to wear? These are just a few of the questions that we ask ourselves when selecting the backpacks that we want to sell. We have an amazing selection of the best brands available: Eastpak, Herschel Supply Co., Fjällräven, Pinqponq and Castelijn & Beerens.

Our backpacks are available in various styles, colors and sizes. We offer the cool and sophisticated bags and elegant and feminine bags, perfect for everyone's individual styles. You will definitely find a bag that appeals to your personal style.

Back to school

A backpack is perfect for children, teens and students on their way to school. They are spacious, sturdy and are comfortable to wear at all times. Not only do we offer different sizes, but also various colors and styles. Most schoolbags even have a laptop compartment to carry your laptop to school safely. The bags are multifunctional and stylish for every day use. Some of our timeless models are the Padded Pak R and Out of Office by Eastpak.

Anti-theft backpacks

A day at the zoo, a theme park or another country. These are the perfect days to bring your backpack with you. Unfortunately, these days can be an outing for thieves and pickpockets as well. The brand XD Design has just the solution: the Anti Theft Backpack. This clever design has made it even harder for others to take what isn't theirs. The concealed zippers and high quality fabric have made it an incredibly safe bag. Not only is it very safe, it is also very stylish. These amazing bags are available in many different styles and colors and have enough space for the safest travels.

Outdoor backpacks

Do you travel often? Up in the mountains of another Asian country? Then an outdoor backpack is perfect for you. The Fjällräven backpacks are versatile and made for all types of weather. The Kånken model is the current bestseller of their collection. This timeless design is available in different colors and sizes. Did you find the perfect color? Why not get one for your children too? The Kånken Mini is available in the same colors!

Order your backpack online

Did you find a backpack that perfectly matches your personality? Order now through our website! Pick the backpack of your favorite brand and order it online at The Little Green Bag. Our same day shipping service will ensure that your backpack will be delivered as soon as humanly possible. The Little Green Bag is an official dealer of all the brands we sell. This ensures that you always receive the real and original product.