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Handed By bags

Handed By is a brand that makes exclusively handmade bags. Handed By is an honest and environmentally-friendly brand with handwoven baskets, bags and interior decorations. The products are made from environmentally-friendly materials like recycled plastics and bamboo. The brand guarantees that every single product is made in an honest and honourable way. The products are made in Vietnam and China, these countries have mastered the skills of the ancient art of basket weaving. The ladies who work for Handed By are rewarded an honest pay and work in healthy surroundings to ensure that they have the opportunity to provide for their family.

The bag collection by Handed By

The Handed By shoppers are perfect for your daily grocery shopping. The bags are a larger size and of sturdy quality. You do not have to worry about one of the handles breaking under the weight. The shoppers are also the perfect accessory for a day at the beach or at work. Stylish and elegant!

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Choose an environmentally-friendly bag for your daily use. Did you find the perfect Handed By bag for your needs? Order it now at The Little Green Bag. We will process your order immediately to ensure that you will have your bag in your possession as soon as possible!

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