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Laauw bags

Laauw bags are modern, stylish and cool. Laauw is a Dutch brand that was founded in 2016 by three ambitious friends with a sense of fashion and lifestyle. They shared the same passion and decided to start their own bag brand. They soon decided that leather should be the main focus of the brand and thus, Laauw was born. The name Laauw stands for sincerity and positivity which ties into their personal mission statement: the world is yours.

The bag collection by Laauw

The versatile collections by Laauw consists of three different collections: the Urban Collections, the Collabs Collections and the Limited Collections. Every collection has its own story. The Urban collection for example is inspired by different large cities around the world. The Collabs Collections are collectons that have been created in collaboration with different partners. The Laauw bag collections consist of travel bags, handbags and hipsacks in the Madrid Chapter 2 collection and the Nikkie Marinus collection.

Urban Collections

The Urban Collection is the overarching name for the different collections created by Laauw. The other collections have been named after big cities like Madrid and Tbilisi. You can find the Madrid Chapter 2 collection on our website. This collection is inspired by the beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. The bags in this collection have been named after some amazing areas around the city. The Bag Retiro refers back to the well-known Retiro Park in Madrid and Bag La Latina references the old district of La Latina.

Collabs Collections

The Collabs Collection stands out for its collaborations with different influencers. The brand recently worked together with Nikki Marinus, an influencer from Amsterdam, to create the Nikki Marinus x Laauw collection. The bags in this collection have an urban vintage look and feel. The names are references to Amsterdam: the Nikki Marinus The Nine Streets Black and the Nikki Marinus Mini Red Light.

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