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LOQI bags

LOQI is a modern, positive and international brand. This can be seen in their products. LOQI is a German brand, located in Berlin, and has an international team. The brand has an environmentally conscious goal: they create eco-friendly products to reduce the number of harmful substances used in the creation of products and to work towards a cleaner future.

Bag collection by LOQI

The bags by LOQI are created in collaboration with different artists like Stephen Cheetham and Erik Kessels. Every LOQI bag is unique, which means there is a bag to suit everyone’s personal style. The LOQI shoppers are perfect for a quick trip tot he supermarket. You can easily fold the bag and store it in your handbag. You will always have your shopping bag ready when you have your LOQI bag with you, no need for any plastic bags. Improving the environment starts with yourself, one shopping bag at a time!

Museum Collection

The LOQI Museum collection consists of prints from famous paintings displayed in museums across the world. These include Composition by Mondriaan, The Girl With The Pearl Earring and The Milkmaid by Vermeer and Sunflowers by van Gogh.

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