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School bags

Are you looking for a new schoolbag? Then you might have found the right place. We offer bags in all styles and sizes in our varied collection, for you to find the perfect one. Whether you want to start your new school year in style or you are just ready for a new school bag.

Trendy school bag

A trendy schoolbag is important when you want to steal the show in the hallway. But it is just as important to keep in mind that the bag should br comfortable to carry and has enough volume, so that you can take all your school supplies with you.

Cowboysbag's The Bag is one of the best selling school bags. This leather bag is big enough for a laptop, folders and books and surves as a great additiom to your outfit

Eastpak and Herschel Supply Co. also have top quality schoolbags in their collection. At The Little Green Bag you know for sure that you will find a trendy school bag of good quality.

What's in your bag?

What's in a school bag? If you know what's in a school bag, it's easier to estimate how big your bag schould be. Nowadays there is a laptop or tablet in every school bag. In addition, there are the books and notebooks that you have to bring with you for the lessons that day. In every school bag there is a pencilcase full of pens, pencils, markers, a geodesic triangle and a compass. An agenda to write down your homework shouldn't be missing in your bag. Furthermore, a (graphic) calculator is indispensable in mathematics. Your well-stocked lunchbox, snacks and a bottle of drinks also take up space between all the other school supplies. A wallet that matches your school bag is also a must, if you have forgotten your lunch or spontaneously want to buy something in the school canteen. Then all side and inside compartment in ladies' school bags are of course used for keys, locker key, bike key, charger, earphones, telephone, chewing gym, tampons and your makeup.

So a lot of things have to fit in such a school bag! The size of ladies' schoolbags is therefore very important. With a good, spacious, trendy schoolbag you don't have to use the excuse that you don't have your books with you, because they didn't fit in your bag anymore!

Cowboysbag school bag

A Cowboysbag school bag is known as the famous school bag. The famous Cowboysbag The Bag is one of the handy bags that can carry the weight of all your school supplies. In addition to The Bag, Cowboysbag also has other trendy school bags in its collection. The Backpack Doral is an example of a backpack that is perfect for school. The Bag Kyle 15 Inch resembles The Bag, but in a slightly different way. Especially for your keys, earphones, phone and other small accessories. This bag has usefull front pockets to organize your stuff.

Bag to school

The most popular school bags are Fjällräven, Eastpak, Herschel Supply Co. and The Little Green Bag. In addition to these brands, there are many other brands and bags in the Bag to School collection.

At The Little Green Bag you can be sure you'll find a good, trendy, high-quality schoolbag. You can choose between classic school bags or more modern colourful backpacks. Depending on the size, they also offer enough space for a laptop. It's all up to you!

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