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Delivery and pick up

Delivery time

Some products will be sent from our boutiques. It this is the case, your order will be shipped the next business day.

Estimated delivery times depend on your location.

CountryAverage transit times (business days)*
Czech Republic 3-4
Great Britain5-10

All other countries outside Europe 4 till 8 weeks
E.g. Australia, USA, South-America, the Middle East and Asia

*Christmas deliveries:
For shipments to Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain and Belgium, it is highly recommended to order before 15th of December to ensure on time delivery. All other countries are advised to order no later than the 10th of December.

If your location is not presented in this table, please feel free to contact us for the estimated delivery time.

All orders will be delivered with local shipment companies. The Little Green Bag cannot be held responsible for possible delays during the shipping process.

A complete list of shipping costs can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Pick up at ParcelShop

Take the easy way and get your order delivered at a Evri Parcel Shop at your convencience. Over 4,500 ParcelShops are available in the United Kingdom, many of which are open from early morning until late evening. This pickup location enables you to track your order from end-to-end without any extra charges!

VAT information

The Little Green Bag is an online store located in the Netherlands. All parcels and packages are shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands to several countries, including the UK.

At The Little Green Bag, we choose to unburden our customers by handling the important formalities and paying the import VAT/duties that are due. This is why The Little Green Bag charges UK VAT with all online purchases.

To clarify further:

1. Goods worth more than £135: The Little Green Bag as a seller charges UK VAT to her customers. The Little Green Bag in turn pays HMRC the VAT and import duties that are due. You will NOT be charged any import duties at the delivery.

2. Goods worth £135 or less: The Little Green Bag as a seller charges UK VAT to her customers. The Little Green Bag in turn pays HMRC the VAT that is due.

The Little Green Bag continues to strive for a better and seamless customer experience whilst adhering to all regulatory obligations.

For further information on the regulations regarding overseas deliveries, we kindly refer to HMRC's guidance about changes due to Brexit: