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MYOMY was founded in 2007 and came to life out of a philosophy to create beautiful but wearable things, and it needed to contribute to better circumstances for the world around us. The first collection was a big success. It confirmed that their public loves classic designs, with an eye for sustainability. That lead to more sustainable products. At this point, MYOMY is one of the most aware fashion brands in Europe and beyond. All MYOMY products are handmade in India. The brand is becoming more popular all over the world, where fashion and design are combined into one.

MYOMY always works from this philosophy and that makes them true experts when it comes to sustainability. A real classic bag in the MYOMY collection is the My Paper Bag. This bag is available in different types. The bag is inspired by the simple paper bag of a wanderer. Ramon Middelkoop, designer at MYOMY, got inspired by it. The bag was incredibly dirty, but the shape remained in tact. More than enough reasons to create a sustainable version of the bag, with some help of Indian craftmanship and ecological leather. Nikki Giling is responsible for the design of another refreshing and popular MYOMY collection: the My Saddle Bag.

The leather that is used in the MYOMY products is always fair-trade. This means that the animals that provide the leather had a good life at loving farm families. During the tanning process, they make sure that the leather does not get in touch with harmful chemicals. The people who process the leather to the final products work in fair-trade workplaces. MYOMY takes care of a good health support and education programme for the entire family.

The MYOMY collection keeps on renewing. That's why you find many new bags, wallets and many other kinds of accessories at The Little Green Bag.

Let's do good. Good for all. MYOMY.

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