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Castelijn & Beerens

Castelijn & Beerens is a strong name in the leather world. Quality, craftsmanship and innovation are combined in the bags and accessories from Castelijn & Beerens. In the process of creating the bags, wallets and other small leather goods, this is also given top priority.

The new collection

The new collection of Castelijn & Beerens consists of a number of innovative, but also classic leather products that are characterizing the brand. They will create high quality items, so that you can enjoy your new bag, wallet or cover for years!
Each collection consists of a number of casual chic laptop bags, wallets, laptop covers, weekend bags and matching accessories. The products ensure that you come to an appointment confidently and give you a trendy, but also business like look.

The brand Castelijn & Beerens

When the brand was founded, it started as a humble but extremely skilled company. They focused on producing handbags, organizers and schoolbags. Their big break came when they invented Porto Quick. This wallet contained a magnetic compartment. This success lead to a shift of focus: to wallets, pen cases and agenda's. Their knowledge stayed within the family and so they could continue focusing on innovating and quality for the best kinds of leather, mostly from Italy. And so Castelijn & Beerens became a world leading company in smaller leather goods.

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