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O My Bag

O My Bag offers beautiful leather bags and wallets of high quality. Sustainability and social commitment are at the heart of this brand.

O My Bag - the extraordinary one

O My Bag has created the ideal excuse for you to buy a new bag. Buying a bag from O my Bag can really make the world a little more beautiful. Indeed, there is much more demand for ethical products produced in a socially responsible manner. O My Bag manufactures these products by offering its suppliers all the support they need.

About O My Bag

O My Bag is a Dutch company founded by Paulien Wesselink in Amsterdam in 2010. She went around with the question: What is the perfect bag now? Is this about keeping all your stuff together while you're on the road? Is it the perfect complement to any outfit you have hanging in your wardrobe? Or is it the combination of functionality and appearance? With these questions she went to India and visited manufacturers of leather goods. Leather is one of the country's largest export products. Paulien was sure that these bags would not only be the first ones produced fairly but also the best. The focus was on responsible action. For Paulien, this meant secure jobs, equal opportunities for men and women, a positive atmosphere, fair salaries and opportunities in education and training. O My Bag helps combat poverty and increase women's opportunities.

Bags and wallets made of naturally tanned leather

O My Bag uses environmentally friendly premium leather. It is naturally tanned without the use of harmful chemicals. The use of naturally tanned leather means that no two products are alike. The characteristic feature of the skin plays an important role. For example, there may be differences in colour between two bags and the leather becomes more beautiful the more often you use the bag, purse or other accessories. So you always have a unique specimen to grab hold of! This leather gives O My Bag its unmistakable appearance, but is also good for people and the environment. This way, you can be sure to brag without feeling guilty about the origin of your purse or wallet!

Order O My Bag online

Our collection includes clutches, handbags, backpacks and wallets from O My Bag. Have you found a nice specimen to expand your collection? Buy your favourites online in our webshop. We will immediately start processing your order and make sure that you receive it as soon as possible.