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Saxoline's colourful suitcases bring a breath of fresh air on the road. They are not only trendy, but also of extremely high quality and offer optimum protection for your belongings.
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Foggy Dog Small Trolley

€ 99,95



Saxoline suitcases make it even more fun to travel. The suitcases are provided with nice prints, which make them trendy eye catchers in the train or on the airport. Very handy when you are waiting for your luggage, because the Saxoline suitcases are easy to spot.

Suitcases of high quality
With a Saxoline suitcase, you consciously choose quaylity. This is very important, because your belongings need to be transported safely. This means that the suitcase must be able to endure a few bumps. If you buy a Saxoline suitcase, you buy a suitcase that will bring you joy for years and that will keep you company on many trips and holidays. The suitcases have hard frames, but are made of a light weighted material. This makes them easy to lift them up. Very handy when you have to put your suitcase in an overhead compartment or lift them upstairs.

Beneath the trolleys are wheels attached, which make it easier and more comfortable to reach your destination. The drawbar makes it even more fun, because you can easily adjust it to your own length! The suitcase has crossing elastic bands on the inside, which keep your clothes on its place. The suitscases easily closes with a zipper and a combination lock.

Large and small suitcases
At The Little Green Bag, you find the Saxoline suitcases in three sizes: small, medium and large. This helps you to always have the right size of suitcase.

Order Saxoline suitcases online
Fell in love with a Saxoline suitcase? Order it online at The Little Green Bag and enjoy our same day shipping service. Have a nice trip!