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12 products

Elodie Deviras, co-founder of Another Me, is a French woman living in Barcelona. She is an entrepreneur and a mother of two children. Over the past 15 years, she has created various lifestyle brands together with her husband. She lived a fast life and found no time to rest, she was completely overwhelmed by work stress and daily life. In addition to her responsibilities towards her family and children, she also felt the constant pressure to always give 100% of herself and be a role model for others. One day, she woke up and felt that it was time to reconnect with herself and regain the inner peace and spark that slowly faded away due to her hectic pace of life. Another Me is a brand that focuses on normalizing mental well-being and creating a new era of well-being for younger generations.

Mental well-being

In her quest for well-being, Elodie discovered 'The Work' by Byron Katie, which focuses on meditation. Elodie became acquainted with the practice of 'The Work' through Elma Roura, a Spanish facilitator who was also a huge revelation for her. After experiencing a state of true well-being in her life for many years, she decided to implement all this knowledge and experience into her professional life to share it with the world. This is what Another Me is all about. A series of gifts that invite you to experience a journey centered around mental well-being, ultimately reconnecting you with your own inner peace and feeling good every day.

Healthy lifestyle

Another Me boxes are gifts with a message and a purpose, addressing various topics such as a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, and acceptance from a fresh, modern, and optimistic perspective. With the collections, Another Me aims to be the voice of a new generation that wants to create a better world and prioritize self-care and mental well-being. The brand Another Me actively contributes to promoting well-being in our society by donating a portion of the proceeds to various global mental health organizations.

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