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The shoe brand Red-Rag is part of the company P.J. Klerx en Zonen. The brand was launched in 2005 to make the children's shoe industry a little less boring. The brand's collection of children's shoes is quirky and creative. The shoes are full of color, cheerful details, and cool prints. These eye-catching shoes are far from serious or plain, and they are also extremely comfortable. At Red-Rag, they take quality very seriously. After the launch of the shoe collection for children, the brand expanded with its own shoe collection for women: Red-Rag Women. This collection consists of edgy shoes for anyone who wants to stand out and is always looking for something new. For those who are trend-conscious but also have their own distinctive taste.


All shoes, including sneakers, from Red-Rag are made in Italy and Portugal. The sandals are produced in Spain. At Red-Rag, they have been working with the same manufacturers since the beginning, and they always make sure that team members are present during production. This allows for good control to ensure that everything is made under the right working conditions and that the quality is guaranteed. The team at Red-Rag personally selects all the materials used from leather and sole manufacturers. All materials meet strict quality standards and are free from harmful substances.


With every children's collection from Red-Rag, boundaries are pushed and new fashion territories are explored. With a recognizable design and an eye for trends, the brand offers a line for children who want to stand out. For the little ones who are still crawling, but also for the teenagers who have already invented their own style. Red-Rag Women is a rugged and stylish shoe label made for authentic, confident women with a strong character. When it comes to shoes, they choose authentic, fashionable designs that are made with love. With Red-Rag, you impress in your own style! All shoes are made from fair and sustainable materials of high quality.

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