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Princess Traveller is a brand that focuses on high-quality and sustainable travel products. The energetic and ambitious brand was founded in 2011 by siblings Tim and Florentine Ouborg and has since built a strong global reputation in the field of suitcases, bags, and accessories. The goal of Princess Traveller is to make travel as comfortable and worry-free as possible by offering reliable, high-quality products. The brand has a wide range of travel products in distinctive designs. Whether you're looking for a hard case or a soft case, you'll find it all within the Princess Traveller collection.

Innovative suitcases

Because innovation has been part of the DNA of Princess Traveller from the very beginning, the brand knows how to come up with and realize smart travel solutions. They strive to promote and enable responsible travel by developing sustainable products. Princess Traveller has become a highly successful international company thanks to its exceptional product innovations and original marketing activities. For example, Princess Traveller introduced the suitcase with a built-in scale and the suitcase with a charger. The collections of Princess Traveller consist of affordable innovative products with an attractive design.

Lightweight suitcases

At Princess Traveller, they believe it's important to have a suitable suitcase for every type of trip, whether it's a beach holiday, city trip, or round trip. Innovation, user-friendliness, and comfort are the brand's focal points, making a Princess Traveller suitcase the ideal travel companion. The suitcases are available in different series, and each series consists of different sizes of suitcases. Princess Traveller suitcases are not only affordable and innovative but also lightweight and extremely durable. Thanks to their lightweight design, you can bring even more luggage on your travels.

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