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35 of 1160 products


Buy a suitcase

Do you want to buy a new suitcase? Then you’ve come to the right place at The Little Green Bag! At The Little Green Bag you will find a large selection of suitcases. We have a range of suitcases suitable for every type of trip and every size. From sturdy suitcases for a dream vacation in a distant country to a practical trolley for a business trip. The focus is primarily on stylish, high-quality suitcases. So we are sure that you don't have to worry about the quality and can travel in style.

Travel suitcase from The Little Green Bag

When you choose a suitcase from The Little Green Bag, you can be sure that you are choosing a high-quality suitcase, stylish design, ease of use and a huge selection of different suitcases. Our cases are made from high quality materials that guarantee durability. We believe in products that last a long time and can withstand a lot, so that you can always take your suitcase with you when you travel with a clear conscience.

We also believe that functionality doesn't have to come at the expense of style. In fact, our collection consists of many different designs, so you can always find a suitcase that suits your needs. At The Little Green Bag, user-friendliness is very important to us. That's why you'll only find cases with intelligent design, smooth-running wheels and sturdy handles. This way you can maneuver much more easily.

Carry-on suitcase

A carry-on suitcase is the ideal companion if you are traveling for a few days. A carry-on suitcase is a sensible choice for both a weekend trip and a business trip. That's why we offer a wide range of carry-on suitcases so you can travel with peace of mind. The advantage of these suitcases is that in most cases you can take them on the plane without having to hand them over. This means you don't have to wait for your suitcase after landing. Are you traveling by car or public transport? Even then, these are the ideal suitcases.

They take up much less space than large suitcases and offer plenty of space. In addition to having carry-on suitcases in many different colors, we pay particular attention to functionality. For example, almost all suitcases have a practical telescopic handle and four wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Samsonite suitcase

Are you looking for a reliable suitcase that is both stylish and practical? Then choose a Samsonite suitcase Samsonite is known worldwide for its high-quality suitcases. With years of experience in developing durable and functional suitcases, they know better than anyone how important it is to be able to travel comfortably and worry-free. For example, you can choose a Samsonite suitcase with tracking technology so that you know exactly where your suitcase is via an app on your phone. Samsonite suitcases also have practical compartments, packing straps and smooth-running wheels that make carrying your suitcase even easier. At The Little Green Bag we have different models of Samsonite suitcases in our range so that you can always make the right choice. Both Samsonite carry-on suitcases and extra large suitcases for a long vacation.

Samsonite suitcase sale

Are you looking for a high-quality Samsonite suitcase at an affordable price? Then you are exactly right with us. We are the experts when it comes to suitcases, bags and accessories and also have a large selection of Samsonite suitcases on sale. Get your new travel companion today and use the Samsonite suitcase sale at The Little Green Bag. At The Little Green Bag we believe that everyone has the right to a reliable and stylish suitcase without having to pay a lot for it. That's why we've put together a special sale featuring the best Samsonite suitcases at discounted prices.

Whether you're looking for a carry-on suitcase or a large suitcase for longer trips, we have exactly what you need. So take a quick look at our Samsonite suitcase sale and take advantage of our low prices! Because let's be honest, wouldn't you like to walk through the airport with a nice new Samsonite?

Buy suitcases in different sizes

Travel suitcases come in different sizes. Whether you're looking for a small carry-on suitcase or a spacious suitcase for longer trips, we have it all at The Little Green Bag. Our collection includes several well-known brands such as Samsonite, Eastpak and American Tourister. With us you can be sure that every suitcase is of high quality and made for travel.

Because we choose reputable brands, not only is the quality of the interior and exterior of our cases good, but they are also incredibly user-friendly. Since they all have a telescopic handle and 360 degree rotating wheels, carrying your suitcase is no problem. If you want to buy a suitcase as carry-on luggage for the plane, you should check the policies of the airline you are flying with.

Large travel suitcase

Are you going on vacation or a business trip soon? Then a good suitcase is of course indispensable. At The Little Green Bag you will find the perfect large suitcase that meets all your needs. We're all about style and functionality. Our large suitcases are not only spacious enough for all your things, they also look great. Whether you're backpacking through Asia or visiting a luxury resort, we have the ideal large suitcase for your needs. Our collection consists of different brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister and Princess Traveler. These top brands are known for their excellent quality and of course their durability. Choose a colorful suitcase so you don't have to search for your suitcase at the luggage carousel, or a stylish suitcase in a timeless color.

Buy a large suitcase

Do you want to buy a big suitcase? Then you've come to the right place at The Little Green Bag! We have a wide range of large suitcases that will give you peace of mind when traveling. They differ in color, model, features and price to make your life as easy as possible. Large suitcases are particularly suitable for people who want to take more than 20 kilos of luggage with them. For example, for a long trip or if you only want to take one suitcase with you instead of two.

On average, these suitcases have a capacity of around 75 to 95 liters, making them ideal for transporting much more. The height starts at around 75 centimeters, making these large suitcases perfect for a two or even three week vacation. So take a quick look at our entire range and find out which suitcase of this large size suits you best. Please note that not only the size of the suitcase is important, but also the layout. So choose a large suitcase that is also conveniently arranged.

Trolley suitcase

Are you looking for a trolley suitcase for a business trip or to take with you on vacation? Then you are exactly right with us! At The Little Green Bag you will find trolley cases in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We have hand luggage trolleys that are ideal for a business trip or a short vacation, but also for a long journey. The advantage of trolleys is that they not only offer enough space for clothes, shoes and all sorts of other things, but also have smooth-running wheels, a good handle and a sturdy case. This makes it much easier for you to take your trolley with you and maneuver it through the crowds at the airport. So are you looking for a high-quality trolley suitcase? Then take a look at our complete range.

Spacious luggage case

Are you looking for a luggage suitcase that not only offers plenty of space, but is also stylish, functional and durable? Then you are exactly right with us! We have a huge range of luggage suitcases to suit all your needs and requirements. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a suitcase for a two- or even three-week vacation by the sea and on the beach or a suitcase that you want to take with you backpacking to the other side of the world.

Our checked luggage cases are more than just functional. They have thought of everything so that you can take your suitcase not only easily but also safely. They have a TSA lock, dual wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees, and a handle that allows you to effortlessly maneuver your suitcase through busy streets or the airport.

Light suitcase

Are you looking for a lightweight suitcase? Then you are exactly right with us! Lightweight suitcases are ideal for travel. First of all, it saves you a lot of weight so you can take more with you. How nice is it to be able to take an extra pair of shoes or something nice for those at home? At The Little Green Bag you will find lightweight suitcases in all possible designs.

With our wide range of hard and soft lightweight cases, there is always a case that suits your needs. In addition to the practical aspects, the style of the suitcase is also important. That's why you can easily filter by color, brand and of course the content. This way you only see the lightweight suitcases that meet your needs.

Buy a carry-on suitcase

Are you looking for the ideal carry-on suitcase for your next (business) trip? Then you are exactly right with us! At The Little Green Bag you will find a large selection of carry-on suitcases in different styles, sizes and colors. Whether you're looking for a trendy suitcase or a practical carry-on suitcase, we have something for everyone. Because buying a carry-on suitcase is not something you do regularly. That's why you should take your time and use our practical filters. So you can be sure that you will soon be walking around with a carry-on suitcase that is not only beautiful, but also practical in its layout and easy to carry because it has smooth-running wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Suitcase offer

Don't want to pay too much for your new suitcase? Then check out our sale offers and take advantage of a suitcase offer you really can't refuse! The advantage of these offers is that you don't have to compromise on quality or functionality. The reason why these suitcases are on sale is mainly because they are the last of a certain series and most brands release new models every year. So if you're happy with a suitcase model that's maybe a year old, check out our great suitcase sale and who knows, you might get your suitcase at a great discount.

Suitcase set

If you're looking for a new suitcase, why not opt ​​for a suitcase set? How convenient it is to have the same suitcase in multiple sizes so that not only do they fit together, but you also have a carry-on suitcase and a travel suitcase at the same time. This has the advantage that you never have to worry about whether you have the right suitcase. How practical is that? Our suitcase sets contain different suitcase sizes, so you always have the right size for every occasion. From hand luggage to extra-large models, we have everything with us.

Additionally, our suitcases are made from durable materials such as polycarbonate and ABS to withstand even the most difficult travel conditions. With practical details like smooth-running wheels and a sturdy handle, your trip will be more enjoyable than ever. No matter whether you're taking the train on a weekend business trip or taking the plane to a two-week vacation, you'll always find a suitable suitcase with us.

Children's suitcase

Are you going on vacation with the whole family? Then a children's suitcase is of course great fun for the little ones! At The Little Green Bag you will find a huge selection of children's suitcases so that the little ones can go on vacation with their own suitcase. Our children's suitcases are not only practical and robust, but also incredibly fun and trendy. So your little one can proudly carry his own suitcase and feel like a real vacationer. Of course, most children are full of imagination. So what could be more fun than choosing a suitcase in the shape of your superhero or your favorite animal? From cute unicorns to cool dinosaurs; There is a suitable children's suitcase for every child.

Are you also enthusiastic and would you like to order one of these fun children's suitcases? You can easily do this via our website!

Travel suitcase

A good travel suitcase is essential if you ask us! That's why we have a huge selection of travel suitcases in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and brands. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a small suitcase for a weekend trip or a large suitcase for a long trip. Because we know better than anyone that a good suitcase has to meet many more requirements than just design, we only work with renowned brands such as American Tourister, Princess Traveler and of course Samsonite.

This way you can be sure that you are choosing quality. Would you prefer a hard suitcase that is perfectly protected against impacts in busy airports? Or do you prefer a soft suitcase that is flexible and easy to store? Our collection allows you to find just the right thing for your individual style and requirements. Using the various filters on the website, you can easily select which requirements your suitcase should meet and then only see a selection of suitcases that meet these requirements.

Useful tips for packing your suitcase

Are you going on vacation or a business trip soon? Then it's useful to know how best to pack your suitcase. We often see that many people have too little space, but this is not the case if they pack their suitcase correctly. That's why we have a few practical tips for you that will make packing your suitcase much easier and allow you to take more with you while taking up less space. How practical is that?

Roll up your clothes

The first tip we want to give you, which you've probably heard of, is to roll your clothes. This is not only a practical tip for packing more things in your suitcase, but it also ensures that your clothes wrinkle less (quickly). Of course, it's still advisable to unpack your suitcase and hang up your clothes as quickly as possible at your destination, but rolling can at least partially reduce creasing.

Forget physical books and magazines

We understand very well that you not only want to enjoy the sun on the beach, but also relax by reading a good book or leafing through one of the many magazines. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a look at the digital alternatives. Finally, downloading an e-book is easy and saves a lot of space. Especially if you can easily read two or maybe even three books on your vacation. Because let's be honest, wouldn't we rather bring an extra pair of shoes?

Make smart decisions

Sure, we prefer to take everything with us in our suitcase. But that's not wise and you really have to make a choice. That's why we advise you to start packing your suitcase with the things you need. If it turns out you still have room left, you can always take an extra t-shirt, pants, or shoes.

Choose multifunctional accessories

Having an extra t-shirt in your suitcase won't make an immediate difference, but that changes once we talk accessories. So you would do well to also think about accessories that are multifunctional. For example, how practical is it to take a nice beach dress with you that is not only suitable for the beach but can also be worn in the evening? The same goes for a pair of shoes. After all, shoes take up a lot of space. If you choose shoes that you can wear on an afternoon stroll downtown or on the beach, you've already saved that space.

Make sure you have a good layout

The Little Green Bag suitcases have a great layout, but you can still make things a little easier for yourself by making sure your suitcase is packed well organized. Suitcase organizers can also help you with this. Of course, there's nothing more annoying than seeing everything in disarray when you arrive. So make sure you use different bags to neatly store your toiletries, for example, so you can be sure you don't lose anything.

Make a checklist

Packing a suitcase is and remains a challenge. To make things easier for you, it is advisable to use a checklist. You can often download them online, but of course you can also create them yourself. The advantage of a checklist is that you can be sure that you don't forget anything. It is often divided into different categories so that you can start packing your suitcase step by step. If you do forget something or run out of something, you still have enough time to go to the store.

How big is a carry-on suitcase?

Are you looking for a carry-on suitcase that meets all your needs and requirements? Then you’ve come to the right place at The Little Green Bag! If you travel by plane, you as a traveler must comply with the IATA rules. This means that your hand luggage must not exceed a height of 56 centimeters, a width of 45 centimeters and a maximum depth of 25 centimeters. It's important to know that this applies not only to the suitcase, but also to the wheels, side pockets, handles and any other parts attached to or in your suitcase.

How big can a hand luggage suitcase be?

According to IATA guidelines, a hand luggage suitcase may not be larger than 56 centimeters high, 45 centimeters wide and a maximum of 25 centimeters deep. It's important to note that this can be different for each airline. This is because the maximums say nothing about the policies they apply. Assuming you are flying with KLM, your carry-on suitcase must be a maximum of 55 centimeters high, 35 centimeters wide and 25 centimeters deep.

It is therefore important that you find out exactly which guidelines apply beforehand. If your suitcase is too large, it may not be able to be checked as carry-on luggage and will have to be placed in the hold. In addition to not having access to your belongings during the flight, you'll probably have to pay extra for it.

What can you take with you in your suitcase?

Are you going on vacation soon? Then it's useful to know what you can and can't take with you in your suitcase. First of all, you should decide whether you are taking a carry-on suitcase or a suitcase for the hold. Different rules apply to both, so it is important to know what is allowed and what is not.

What is allowed in your carry-on suitcase?

If you're going on vacation or a business trip by plane and only take one carry-on suitcase with you, it's useful to know what you can take with you. It would be a shame if you arrived at customs with something in your suitcase that is not allowed. Not only will this cause unnecessary delay, but it will also result in you having to get rid of it. To prevent this, we'll tell you exactly what you can and can't take with you in your hand luggage.


If you choose to travel with carry-on luggage only, it is important to follow the rules that apply to carry-on luggage. If you want to take liquids with you, they must be packed in bottles with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each and placed in a plastic bag. However, you may be asked to hand over one or more liquids for a random inspection.


In addition to liquids, there are also a lot of solids that you can take with you. How about gel, cream and similar things? These can of course be taken with you if they comply with the correct regulations. In this case the same applies as for liquids. So a maximum of 1 liter and divided into bottles, bottles or other containers of a maximum of 100 ml


In this day and age when we do more and more digitally, it's likely that you also have an iPad, phone or other electronic device with you. Of course this is not a problem and is allowed! However, you may need to take them out of your hand luggage and have them checked in separately.

What is not allowed in your carry-on suitcase?

Now that you know what is allowed in your hand luggage, it is also good to check what is absolutely not allowed. Sometimes we see people carrying sharp objects which are absolutely not allowed. As innocent as it may sound, items such as nail scissors, knives or other sharp objects are not allowed. So if you're traveling with carry-on luggage only, you may still need to purchase these items at your destination. Especially if you're going to a tourist spot, you shouldn't worry about not being able to buy what you don't have with you.

What is allowed in a checked bag

Different rules apply to a checked bag than to your carry-on bag. When it comes to your checked baggage, you don't have to take into account sharp objects unless they are weapons, the amount of liquids and you can take a laptop, iPad or phone with you. Of course, additional rules apply, such as the prohibited items listed by default. Of course, if you are unsure about a specific item, you can simply call the airport and ask what the policy is for that item.

Guidelines per airline

Not every airline has exactly the same rules. Of course, there are certain guidelines that everyone must adhere to, but that doesn't mean they are all the same. For example, it may very well be that the guidelines allow you to take a maximum of 100 ml of liquids per package, but the airline you are flying with allows a maximum of 75 ml. We therefore advise you to check carefully which rules apply so that you Don't get any nasty surprises at the airport.

Guidelines per country

In addition to the standard guidelines, there are countries where you are not allowed to take certain goods. Australia, for example, is a good example of this. This is done to protect the country's flora and fauna and thus prevent certain diseases from entering the country.

Which suitcase should I buy for 20 kg of luggage?

If you're looking for a new suitcase and want to know which is the best for 20kg luggage, then you've come to the right place! Of course, we know better than anyone else what you need to consider. A 20kg suitcase is often a bit larger than “normal” suitcases. If you want to buy a suitcase that weighs 20 kg, it is useful to know what you need to consider. That's why we have a few steps for you that will help you find the right suitcase.

Size and weight of the suitcase

The first step in purchasing a suitcase that is suitable for 20 kg of luggage is the size and also the weight of the suitcase. If you choose a light suitcase, you can of course transport more than if you choose a heavy suitcase. To make sure you follow suitcase size guidelines, read the airline's requirements carefully. Different airlines have different rules, so you should double-check this information before purchasing a suitcase.

Material and durability

Suitcases are made from different materials, such as hard plastic, soft fabric or even aluminum. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, hard-shell cases offer more protection, while soft-shell cases are often more flexible to use. Choose a suitcase that is sturdy enough to transport your luggage safely, but also light enough not to put too much strain on the suitcase itself. If you are traveling by plane, we advise you to choose a hard-shell suitcase.

Handle and wheels

A suitcase with an extendable handle and smooth-running wheels is an absolute must if you want to make things easier for yourself. Especially during busy times, it's nice that you can easily maneuver your suitcase through the crowds at the airport without having to worry about the wheels of your suitcase not rolling smoothly.

Designing your suitcase

If you want to buy a suitcase with 20 kg of luggage, it is also important to pay attention to the layout. No matter how big a suitcase is, if it isn't arranged well, it will take up unnecessary space. Choose a suitcase with various compartments, elastic straps and possibly a separate compartment for shoes or wet clothes. This way you can pack everything neatly and don't have to worry about everything getting mixed up when you unpack your suitcase.


Convenience serves people. In addition to a good grip, rolling wheels (preferably rotatable 360 ​​degrees), safety is also an important point. So choose a suitcase with a TSA lock. Using a suitcase with a TSA lock has several advantages. First of all, it makes airport checks easier and faster. When the TSA wants to inspect your luggage, they can open the lock with a special key or code and don't have to break or damage it. This saves time and effort, both for you and for the security staff.

How heavy can your suitcase be?

If you're going on vacation by plane, it's useful to know how heavy your suitcase can actually be. When you book your vacation, you can often specify whether you only want to take a carry-on suitcase or a suitcase for the hold. Whatever you decide, in both cases you have to expect a certain weight limit. But how heavy can your suitcase actually be?

Airlines and their rules

Each airline has different baggage rules. That's why it's important to know which airline you're flying with and what rules apply to the weight of your suitcase. We often see that the luggage you check in has a different weight limit than a carry-on suitcase. This is also logical, but it is useful to know. It is therefore advisable to find out about the rules before you leave so that you don't have to pay extra later because your suitcase is too heavy.

Free luggage

Suitcases can be divided into two different categories. One is checked baggage and the other is carry-on baggage. If we look at the weight of checked baggage, we see that it can often weigh between 15 and 30 kilos. Many airlines therefore offer a 15 kilogram suitcase as standard and give you the option to choose a heavier suitcase. So it can be cheaper to take a 25 kilo suitcase with you than two 15 kilo suitcases. Since not every airline applies the same guidelines, it is advisable to do your research beforehand.

Carry-on baggage

Different rules apply to hand luggage than to checked luggage. When it comes to hand luggage, it is often not the weight but the size of the suitcase that is taken into account. So don't just focus on the weight of your suitcase, but also look at the specific policies of the airline you're flying with. The weight is often somewhere between 7 and 10 kilos. So be sure to check the rules of the airline you are flying with so that you don't incur unnecessary extra costs. Take the time to go through this for yourself so you know exactly what you can and can't take with you, and how heavy your suitcase can be.

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