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MarMar Copenhagen is a Danish fashion brand for boys and girls aged 0 to 16, founded in 2008 and designed by Marlene Holmboe. The collection of MarMar Copenhagen consists of refined, classic, and luxurious items that are lovingly made with the aim of lasting a long time, both in design and quality. MarMar Copenhagen produces two main collections every year, a spring/summer collection and an autumn/winter collection. In addition, the brand releases four smaller collections throughout the year and the NOOS collection, which always keeps the perfect basics in stock. MarMar Copenhagen only replenishes this collection when necessary to limit overproduction. MarMar Copenhagen strives to be the brand for the best basics in classic colors and amazing quality. Each collection of MarMar Copenhagen is designed with the complete children's wardrobe in mind.

Responsible children's clothing

All items are produced in a certified and organic manner, without the use of harmful substances or treatments. MarMar Copenhagen mainly produces in Europe, with 70% of the current production being OEKO-TEX certified. When a product carries the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label, customers can be sure that every component, down to every thread, button, or other finishing, has been tested for harmful substances. In many cases, the limit values for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX go beyond national and international requirements. The criteria are updated annually in accordance with new scientific knowledge or legal requirements. When producing new items, MarMar Copenhagen always keeps the big picture in mind, with a focus on Mother Nature and the children who will be walking the earth for a long time to come.

Flexible and soft modal

Since its establishment in 2008, the fabric modal has been the foundation of every collection created by MarMar Copenhagen. The modal products in the MarMar Copenhagen collections are made from a blend of modal and cotton, with some items containing elastane for added comfort and freedom of movement. Ideal for children! The special thing about this blend is that it regulates absorption and releases moisture, which means that the fabric is breathable and adapts to the body's natural temperatures.

The fibers in the material retain long-lasting color and shine, even after many, many washes. Additionally, the fibers in modal are very flexible, making the fabric naturally soft on the skin. By blending modal with other fibers, the softness of the fabric is significantly improved, along with overall comfort. Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beechwood sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries in a closed-loop system, a natural and renewable source of raw materials.

Complete children's wardrobe

The collections of MarMar Copenhagen are made with the idea that all items can be passed down from generation to generation. This is possible thanks to the long durability of the items and the excellent quality and pleasant design that provide ultimate comfort! When creating each collection, MarMar Copenhagen considers the complete wardrobe of a baby or child. The designs of MarMar Copenhagen are characterized by the contrasts that make the items unique and allow them to be used in different ways.

Order MarMar Copenhagen online

If you are looking for responsible and sustainable items for babies and children, it is definitely worth taking a look at the versatile collection of MarMar Copenhagen! Have you found the cutest baby or children's clothing from MarMar Copenhagen for your child? Then don't wait any longer and easily and quickly order it online from us in the webshop. We will immediately start processing your order so that you can have your item as soon as possible. You can find the most beautiful and finest baby and children's clothing from MarMar Copenhagen at The Little Green Bag!

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