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36 of 253 products


We do our very best to make every day feel just a tiny bit more magical. Sometimes, the cherry on top makes all the difference - even, maybe especially, when the dirty dishes are piling up, and you haven't slept for a year. We have created a universe of playful quality designs that cherish the wild, the varied, and the perfectly imperfect life with children.

Creative design philosophy

Konges Slojd originated from the firm belief that all children deserve the best. From toys and clothing to furniture and accessories, the brand's entire collection is made with love for children and the planet. Konges Slojd takes this responsibility seriously, so they are constantly working on developing and improving their sustainability principles. The brand's design philosophy is shaped by the diverse and colorful streets of Copenhagen, where you can find Konges Slojd's office nestled among classic monuments and the royal family's residence. From here, they draw, imagine, and design for all aspects of daily life with children. They always do this with a humorous eye for detail and a touch of childlike imagination.

From basement to global

All parents will recognize the ambition that Emilie Konge's decision has ignited to start her own children's brand: to give their children the best. Even when they don't always deserve it as they stomp and scream through the supermarket. In 2014, Emilie established her one-person production unit in a basement in a then less prosperous part of Copenhagen. Here, she sat at the sewing machine while her son slept. When she finished her first product, Emilie turned to what was then a new marketing platform: Instagram. Her handmade cloud mobile immediately became a hit. Naturally, Emilie found many more parents who had just as much need for responsibly produced children's toys without harmful materials. Customers lined up and retailers contacted her out of nowhere. Even before Emilie had real production, Konges Slojd was a great success.

Today, Konges Slojd has a large and vibrant online community and a growing global retail network: more than 1500 retailers in 92 countries. Konges Slojd has long outgrown the original basement and now resides in a classic 750 square meter apartment further down the street from the royal family. The one-man army has transformed into a passionate, talented, and international team of over 40 people. The mobiles, along with all the collections that followed, have moved to a 4000 square meter warehouse. Although the atmosphere is buzzing and ideas fly through the air when you enter the office, Konges Slojd prioritizes creating the best working environment for the entire team. Because ultimately, Konges Slojd is not about products, but about the children they are made for and the people who have designed them.

Organic production

Konges Slojd's ambitions are high, but also realistic. When you live a life with children, the easy solution is sometimes the only solution. Today, the brand is taking the necessary steps to create a fully sustainable and modern design company. Not to have a trendy campaign, but to truly challenge everyone and achieve a sustainable future. They want to go beyond certifications and compensations. Konges Slojd aims to become a brand with a positive impact and give back a part of everything they have to the planet, the children, and the future.

While the use of organic materials is not something new for Konges Slojd, in 2021 they were finally able to validate their GOTS certification. But it doesn't stop there for the brand. They have developed a new sustainable design strategy for their constant exploration of more ecological materials and production cycles.

From the beginning, Konges Slojd has always relied on a close trust relationship with their suppliers. This ensures the best quality of the products and ensures that they are produced under good working conditions. Based on Konges Slojd's own code of conduct, they want to build sustainable relationships to improve their environmental impact and raise social standards throughout their entire supply chain. They also collaborate with various NGOs dedicated to the well-being of children.

Order Konges Slojd online

If you are looking for responsible and sustainable items for babies and children, be sure to take a look at Konges Slojd's versatile collection! Have you found the cutest baby or children's accessories from Konges Slojd? Then don't wait any longer and easily and quickly order them online from our webshop. We will start processing your order immediately so that you can have your item as soon as possible.

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