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DWRS was founded in 2015 by two Dutch women, Marike and Aukje, with the aim of bringing fashionable and fresh shoes to the market. Over the years, the brand has not only gained fans in the Netherlands, but also internationally. DWRS is pronounced as 'dwars', which indicates that the brand has a rebellious view on shoes. At DWRS, they always pay attention to the latest trends and like to follow them, but only if they can add their own twist. This way, they keep their promise to be unique, rebellious, and delightfully contrary at DWRS.

DWRS designs

At DWRS, they put a lot of effort into designing the shoes by adding surprising and innovative details to the designs. This allows the brand to follow the latest trends, but also take its own path. That is precisely the strength of DWRS, resulting in shoes with an exceptionally unique and luxurious appearance that immediately catch the eye. In the DWRS collection, you will find shoes with fashionable soles and special stitching for that extra rebellious twist. With an optimal fit and high-quality leather, DWRS shoes not only look fashionable, but also provide comfort.

Trendy and unconventional

The shoes from DWRS are made in Portugal from luxurious leather. At DWRS, they always ensure that attractive shoe collections are created with a focus on comfort and high fashion. To keep the shoe collections as versatile as possible, DWRS does not stick to a single style. Whether you are looking for sturdy biker boots, trendy ankle boots, chunky sneakers, or elegant sandals, you will find it at DWRS! The extra unconventional details naturally contribute to the diversity of the collections.

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