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36 of 290 products


Mothers who want to find the very best items for their little one can turn to Jollein! The brand's collection consists of baby essentials with a soft touch. Here you can find, among other things, a genuine Jollein wrap blanket, sleeping bag, or mosquito net. Jollein has all kinds of items for your little baby's crib or cot. At Jollein, they understand very well that it can be quite a search for a mother to gather all the essential items, which is why they want to make it as easy as possible for every mother. Every mother naturally wants to provide her child with safety and warmth, and Jollein is happy to help by designing and producing beautiful and child-friendly products with materials that feel nice, warm, and soft for the baby. In doing so, they use their favorite ingredient at Jollein: family love. With this ingredient, they create various beautiful, varied, and affordable collections of sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, and soft toys, so that you can create a safe and warm atmosphere.

Jollein, Mothers feel what's best

Jollein is an authentic brand that originated from a Dutch family where family love formed the basis. Today, Jollein's products are still made with that same family love. The textile company in baby articles where Wim Smits senior, the founder of Jollein, worked went bankrupt in 1973. For his family, Wim Smits senior decided to buy a few rolls of beautiful fabric and take them to a sewing workshop in Friesland. He then went with his first batch of handmade products in a renovated old bus to visit his familiar contacts. This was the beginning of the family business now known as Jollein.

Jollein sleeping bag

In the early years, mothers used to buy standard sleeping bags for their babies. At Jollein, they saw this as an ideal sleeping bag for babies with a few small adjustments. The pattern was developed in Jollein's workshop, and thus the first real sleeping bag for babies in the Netherlands was born. To this day, this Jollein sleeping bag is still one of the brand's favorite products.

Jollein baby items

You want to be well prepared when you are expecting a baby. It is understandable that it suddenly becomes a lot when you are busy decorating the nursery. Jollein hopes to be a helpful factor by offering a wide range of high-quality baby textile products. Jollein has been a well-known name in the baby textile industry for a long time, and many people swear by the articles they have from Jollein.

Baby sheets, baby blankets, and other baby textile products, you've come to the right place at Jollein. You will also find other baby nursery accessories such as mosquito nets in Jollein's assortment. The brand has an extensive basic line in various appealing colors. In addition, Jollein designs new collections with trendy and stylish designs every year. Stylish prints, cute embroideries, and beautiful knits, you can find it all within Jollein's collections. The items are also easy to combine with each other, allowing you to create a cozy and safe environment for your baby. The Jollein baby items have been extensively tested and approved for quality and durability. So, not only are the items beautiful and practical, but they are also sustainable!

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Do you want to be the proud owner of a genuine Jollein mosquito net, wrap blanket, or sleeping bag for your little one? Then take a look at The Little Green Bag's assortment. Have you found your favorite Jollein baby items? Don't wait any longer and easily and quickly order them online from us in the webshop. We will immediately start processing your order so that you can have your item as soon as possible!

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