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33 products

The colorful, fashionable, and cheerful brand Bonnie Doon is originally an American sock brand founded in 1957 by Alex Lee Wallau, with the idea of combining fashion with quality. Although the brand is of American origin, the brand name has a Scottish background. Bonnie refers to the word 'beautiful', while Doon is the name of a Scottish river. Bonnie Doon was first introduced in the Netherlands and Europe in 1969. Since then, the brand has grown into one of the leading labels in the field of legwear with a successful total concept. Bonnie Doon has an extensive range, consisting of various types of socks, stockings, tights, and leggings for children and adults.

Quality and environmentally conscious

The items from Bonnie Doon's assortment are designed by the brand's in-house stylists and are exclusively produced in Italy and Portugal. The reason why the designs are produced in these countries has a lot to do with the quality and the requirements they set at Bonnie Doon, but also with the care for the environment and the working conditions they want to guarantee. All items from Bonnie Doon's assortment are therefore produced under an OEKO-TEX and/or GOTS certification. Furthermore, Bonnie Doon always guarantees the well-known smooth toe seams, the best combed cotton, pre-washed products, and affordable legwear with a unique Bonnie Doon styling.

Colorful knee-high socks

In the 1970s, knee-high socks became extremely popular and were seen as a true fashion trend. What gave Bonnie Doon an advantage during this time was the fact that the brand produced more different colors than most sock manufacturers in Europe. Not only did the extensive color palette give Bonnie Doon an advantage, but also the use of the material orlon. Orlon is a super soft form of acrylic that was highly praised at that time. The colorful and innovative knee-high sock, made of orlon, ensured that Bonnie Doon became big in Europe. The slogan of the brand at that time was: 'Bonnie Doon, the highest name in knee-hi's'.

Own line

Due to the great success of Bonnie Doon, an own line of the brand was set up in the 1980s, with a specially assembled styling department ensuring that the new collection of legwear got its own unique look. To give the brand even more recognition, the now well-known Bonnie Doon dog got a visible place on the logo of the items in the assortment. Bonnie Doon is now the basis of many trends. The brand not only closely follows the trends in legwear, but also expands the basic collection further based on the needs of the consumer. If there is one thing Bonnie Doon excels at, it is specialization. That is why the brand will continue to focus on fashionable legwear and related articles.

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