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33 products

With a Dopper bottle, you not only have a fun and handy water bottle that you can take with you everywhere, but you also contribute to the improvement of the environment. By using a reusable Dopper water bottle, you help reduce the use of plastic disposable bottles. Quickly check out the collection of Dopper at The Little Green Bag and choose your favorite bottle in your favorite color!

The Dopper water bottle stands for much more than just convenience. Dopper encourages the fight against disposable plastic and the sale of each Dopper bottle contributes to multiple awareness campaigns. Dopper is committed to reducing plastic pollution, setting up clean drinking water in countries like Nepal, and educating about plastic-free oceans. By choosing to use a Dopper bottle, you not only choose a handy, fun, and practical bottle, but you also contribute to a more environmentally friendly world!

Dopper Wave

Dopper is happy to help protect the world's waters and therefore has a mission to help as many people as possible with a reusable water bottle. No more polluting plastic disposable bottles. Our oceans are polluted every minute with a truckload of plastic waste, and at the same time, 1 million plastic disposable bottles are sold worldwide. That is why Dopper launched the Dopper Wave on World Oceans Day in 2020. The Dopper Wave challenges people and companies worldwide to drink as much tap water as possible and banish plastic disposable bottles by always carrying a reusable bottle. You are already participating in the Dopper Wave by using a Dopper bottle. With this small daily change, you are already making a big impact.

Three-part water bottles

The Dopper bottle is not just a water bottle. This water bottle has a unique design. The Dopper bottle is not only a bottle but can also be transformed into a cup! Simply unscrew the cup from the bottle without removing the cap, turn the cup upside down, and use the cap as a base to place the cup. Pour your drink from your bottle into your cup and voilà! You can now drink from your cup when you don't feel like drinking from a bottle. In addition to the original Dopper model, Dopper now also has steel bottles and thermos bottles.

The material used for Dopper bottles is free from BPA and other plasticizers. The Dopper Original is produced in the Netherlands in a climate-neutral manner, and the Dopper Insulated, Glass, and Steel are produced responsibly in China according to the BSCI Code of Conduct. These Dopper bottles are then shipped using biofuel.

Sustainable water bottle

All Dopper bottles are Cradle to Cradle certified, the Dopper Original at the silver level and the other bottles at the bronze level. Cradle to Cradle is a globally recognized certification for products designed to achieve a circular economy. To obtain this certificate, the bottles and the production process have been evaluated on several aspects, such as material choice, reusability of the material, renewable energy, water management, and social justice.

Dopper meets the highest standards in terms of impact on people and the environment. Dopper is part of the international B Corp movement and therefore not only calls for change but also takes action itself. Dopper is one of the 500 B Corps companies that has publicly committed to being carbon neutral by 2030 to combat global warming.

Order your favorite Dopper online

Do you want to experience the ultimate drinking convenience wherever you go and also contribute to the world in an environmentally conscious way? Then order a fun, handy, and sustainable Dopper in your favorite color online in The Little Green Bag's webshop. The Dopper is available in multiple sizes so that you can always choose the Dopper that suits you to take with you. The use of plastic disposable bottles is a thing of the past because you can always have your Dopper with you and fill it up whenever you want. Have you placed your order? Then we will immediately start processing your order and ensure that your new favorite Dopper is shipped to you today.

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