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36 of 127 products


FALKE specializes in socks, tights, stockings, and other types of high-quality legwear. Founded in 1895, FALKE is now recognized worldwide as a legwear brand. Since 1990, FALKE has been led as a family business by the fourth generation of the family. The fundamental values they live by at FALKE are unconditional quality, craftsmanship of the highest level, and constant innovation supported by advanced specialization, creative designs, and complete reliability. At FALKE, they have developed specialized products with additional benefits for many different lifestyle applications. For every situation, you will be able to find the right FALKE socks!

FALKE hiking socks

The FALKE brand has been around for a long time, which is the result of their persistent pursuit of excellence in both absolute production and product quality. Good craftsmanship is where it all started for FALKE, and it is still their strength after all these years. At FALKE, they are passionate about producing socks, tights, stockings, and other high-quality legwear. They use the best available materials and employ the latest production methods. This results in not only the most comfortable legwear but also the best specialized products, such as FALKE hiking socks.

FALKE slippers

The creative teams at FALKE are represented by diversity and variety. The teams consist of reliable designers, product managers, textile engineers, master knitting machine operators, and many employees experienced in traditional craftsmanship. Everyone at FALKE works towards the same goal: high-quality, tangible, modern, timeless, and challenging products. However, FALKE does not cling to tradition. They want to continue developing at FALKE, and the progress they make is still shaped by curiosity, eagerness to learn, and a willingness to experiment. The collection not only includes the usual legwear but also more innovative products like FALKE slippers (a combination of socks and slippers).

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