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Gaston Luga is a brand founded in Stockholm that produces high-quality backpacks, bags, and accessories. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design, Gaston Luga incorporates Scandinavian aesthetics and functionality into their design process. The brand aims to bridge the gap between function and design, creating backpacks and bags that can serve as your ideal companion during your next journey. Gaston Luga's backpacks and bags focus not only on design and functionality, but also on sustainability and flexibility. By combining the new and the old with a touch of pop and underground style, the brand creates backpacks and bags that follow design trends while maintaining a timeless and popular look.

Gaston Luga: Carry Your Life Effortlessly

Durable Backpacks

Gaston Luga was founded with the insight that the market lacks backpacks and bags that are not only functional and versatile, but also have a timeless design. The brand not only works hard to meet the market's needs, but also strives to incorporate their Scandinavian roots into the brand. Sustainability plays a major role in this endeavor. Since day one, they have been committed to a conscious mindset and contributing to a better planet. For Gaston Luga, this is an ongoing process.


At Gaston Luga, they ensure that all their backpacks and bags are ethically manufactured. They make every effort to ensure that all materials used, as well as their transportation methods, have the lowest possible impact on the climate. They use vegan leather instead of animal leather for all their products. All box packaging is made from FSC-certified paper and printed with soy ink. Furthermore, Gaston Luga has been a carbon-neutral organization since 2019. This is achieved through their partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset their CO2 emissions. They donate to the Escarpment Environment Conservation Network (Esconet) to support a project restoring local forests in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

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