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18 products

18 products

ITEM International is a leading brand when it comes to gift, home, decor, stationary, and toy items. The brand was founded in 1986 in Castellbisbal (Barcelona). ITEM International has a large storage space where they store their versatile collection of over 20,000 items, including an impressive 12,000 new items annually! At ITEM International, they believe in providing genuine advice, building a trusted relationship with our customers, and delivering quality products. They also strive to constantly improve their products and services. The resilience of ITEM International allows the brand to quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

Mission and philosophy

It is ITEM International's daily mission to showcase their experience and professionalism. In addition, the brand's products and services contribute to their continuous improvement process. The brand's philosophy encompasses excellent service, high-quality products, and a versatile collection based on the latest global trends.

Extensive collection

The versatile and extensive collection of ITEM International includes various home accessories. Within the collection, you will not only find a wide range of lamps, such as table lamps and pendant lamps, but also beautiful wall clocks, decorative cushions, storage baskets, and other decorative objects that will make your home even more delightful! If you are looking for stylish kitchen accessories, you will also find plenty at ITEM International.

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