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Lyle & Scott was founded 150 years ago by William Lyle and Walter Scott in the Scottish town of Hawick. They started with knitted clothing in their first factory, with a vision to prioritize quality and craftsmanship above all. From performance and style, and with a dedication to innovation and integrity, they launched their golf clothing collection in the 1960s. The logo, the golden eagle, is inspired by the eagles of the Gleneagles golf course, as a tribute to Scotland and the brand's origins.


William Lyle and Walter Scott noticed that their clothing and shoes went from the factory to the catwalk, the golf course, the football stadium, terraces, and concert halls. At one point, the Lyle & Scott logo became synonymous with British subcultures and youth movements. Recognized for their quality and craftsmanship, Lyle & Scott has formed partnerships and collaborations with brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Christian Dior. In the 1960s, experiments with color and bolder designs caught the attention of the Mod culture (a modernist subculture in London), making Lyle & Scott a cornerstone in British menswear.

Quality and Innovation

Inspiring, innovative, and versatile, yet guided by principles of integrity, authenticity, and a sense of style. Lyle & Scott continues to contribute to an already rich fashion history by delivering quality, innovation, and good taste. Lyle & Scott has always been a provider of handmade clothing and high-quality shoes with an eye for style. In addition, innovation is part of Lyle & Scott's brand DNA. Pushing boundaries, being curious, and always striving for improvement. This drive to be curious and improve is what makes Lyle & Scott the brand it is today.

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