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The Danish brand Núnoo was founded in 2015 by the two sisters Pia Silfen-Jensen and Naja Silfen. From the very beginning, the goal was clear: to create beautiful bags. Nowadays, the brand is sold worldwide by leading retailers. At Núnoo, they love the idea of ​​creating handmade designer bags with high functionality and quality, but at an affordable price. All leather types used for producing the bags are leftovers from other productions. At Núnoo, it's all about being yourself, inspiring each other, having fun, and being kind. They want to celebrate diversity and strive to build a community that celebrates self-love.

Environmentally friendly production

At Núnoo, they use recycled packaging with the aim of minimizing their waste consumption. Furthermore, they send all bags to their customers in recycled/recyclable material. For transporting their goods, Núnoo also makes maximum use of ships and trains. These are the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Even when it comes to developing their own lines, Núnoo knows how to work as sustainably as possible. This applies, for example, to the Vegan collection with biodegradable plastic, the Pineapple line with material developed from pineapple peels, and the Recycled line with recycled canvas.

Sustainable distribution

At Núnoo, all waste is sorted and ensured to end up in the right place. All the energy they consume is derived from 100% sustainable energy production. Furthermore, they make maximum use of their logistics partner Budbee, whose shipments are climate neutral. Núnoo's suppliers are certified according to strict standards, ensuring that all employees work under the right conditions. Núnoo has also started a project with their suppliers where women can make bags from home, enabling them to become independent and financially self-sufficient.

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