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SNURK is more than beautiful duvet covers or clothing items. It is also a sustainable philosophy, a creative production process, and a club of enthusiastic, hardworking people from the Netherlands and Portugal. Peggy, the founder of SNURK, came up with the idea to print a photo of an unfolded cardboard box on a soft, cotton duvet cover to raise awareness about the increasing number of homeless youth and to raise money for their shelter. "Sleep under a cardboard box and help a homeless youth get out from under it." In 2007, Peggy van Neer and her husband Erik van Loo turned this idea into reality. This was the beginning of SNURK. A large part of the proceeds went (and still goes) to the Dutch Homeless Youth Foundation. €99,150 has already been donated until 2023.

Sustainable production

Today, SNURK is sold in over 1500 locations worldwide, both in physical stores and online. There are now 16 people working at the office and warehouse in Amsterdam, including Erik and Peggy. Here, they still design beautiful photo prints for sustainable textiles. They only use organic cotton that is sustainably produced in Portugal. They create not only beautiful, imaginative prints for bedding, but also for loungewear. All SNURK creations are made by hand, with their own camera and in-house photoshop.

Sustainable cotton

SNURK exclusively works with percale and percaline cotton. This means that all duvet covers with a print have at least 160 cotton threads per square inch. For duvet covers with solid colors, this is even 220 threads (percale). This means that the duvet covers have a weave density that is much higher than average bedding cotton (100 threads per inch). The cotton used by SNURK is therefore more sustainable, softer, and smoother. In addition, the yarns are combed to prevent impurities and lint.

GOTS certified

All the cotton that SNURK works with is GOTS-certified organic cotton. Cotton with a GOTS certification meets the strictest standards for organic fibers worldwide. It also demonstrates that the entire production process, from fiber to end product, is as clean as possible. SNURK therefore works as efficiently as possible during the production process. All remaining fabric scraps are used to create something beautiful.

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