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25 products

Wildride is a brand that allows you to explore with your child. It takes you to places where you can't go with a stroller. Wherever you go, you can always take the Wildride. The perfect follow-up to belly packs. At Wildride, they believe that you should be outdoors with your children as much as possible in a child-friendly way, and that's what Wildride makes possible with the Toddler Carrier. The Toddler Carrier, also known as the Wildride child carrier, is the ideal carrier for toddlers and is designed with the idea of providing love and affection to your child while going on adventures together outdoors.

Wildride was founded by two loving parents. Britt Schoorl, mother of two children, and Joost Hultink, father of three children, joined forces to make Wildride a reality. The Dutch duo has decades of experience in fashion, marketing, and e-commerce, but most importantly, experience with children. Britt and Joost's mission is to make every journey with children as enjoyable as possible, so that you and your child can always make the most of it.

While walking on the beach and through the woods, Britt and Joost realized that their children love to explore on their own but occasionally need an arm to rest on. They realized that all the different carriers and backpacks that can grow with your child are developed from the perspective of carrying a baby, not a toddler.

Young children want to run, walk, crawl, play, and have adventures whenever they can. But occasionally, they need a resting place before they can move on to the next adventure. And where better than in the arms of their father or mother? Unfortunately, those arms don't always have the strength or endurance to hold them for long. And that's how the Wildride carrier was born.

The Wildride is 100% Dutch Design and is produced in Europe. There is 0% plastic used in the production process and in the consumer packaging. The items are also not individually wrapped in plastic. In addition, no unnecessary packaging materials such as tissue paper are used in the packaging.

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