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35 of 174 products


At Z8, pronounced as 'zacht' (soft), they design and sell baby clothing and children's clothing. In 2004, Z8 started selling high-quality basic shirts for newborns: Z8 Newborn. These shirts came in five different colors. This small-scale concept turned out to be successful, which led Z8 to expand the newborn clothing collection every six months. Eventually, in 2006, the brand launched a complete range of Z8 clothing for newborns. The newborn clothing was highly popular in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The range was so popular that there was a demand for larger sizes of the Z8 newborn items. In response to this demand, the brand launched its first children's collection in 2008. Today, Z8 is known as a full-fledged children's clothing brand available at over 200 retail outlets in the Netherlands and abroad. At Z8, they launch two collections per year, along with their Limited Edition items. Explore the range of Z8 clothing now at The Little Green Bag!

Z8 Newborn

The children's clothing line is for boys and girls ranging from size 56 to 146. The baby clothing line is called Z8 Newborn and consists of cute clothing items for babies ranging from size 50 to 68. Z8 combines quality with a soft and stretchy fabric, a unique style, and changing color themes, which is reflected in the diverse items in the collections. All Z8 items are very comfortable for babies to wear and are also easy to put on and take off. The Z8 Newborn, Mini, and Kids lines are characterized by perfect fits, the use of comfortable materials, color intensity, and attention to detail.


At Z8, they are committed to improving global cotton farming and therefore collaborate with The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Their goal is to qualify their cotton as 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. By choosing Z8 clothing, you choose to support the improvement of the environment and the future of the industry. At Z8, they also value sustainable production and fair working conditions. Producing Better Cotton not only has economic benefits but also social and ecological advantages. Currently, 20% of Z8's cotton qualifies as Better Cotton, but they ultimately aim for 100% and hope to achieve this by 2025.

Z8 Clothing

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