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Our earmuffs will protect the ears from the cold. Earmuffs are not only comfortable and warm, but they can also be extremely fashionable. Choose a solid color or a print that you like. Our earmuffs are warm and comfortable, making them ideal for cold days.

The Little Green Bag has earmuffs from various brands, including UGG, Barts, and Resfeber, but they all share one thing in common: they help you get through the chilly winter days.

History of the Ear Warming

The ear warmer is said to have been invented by Chester Greenwood. He had this notion while playing outdoors at a young age. On the same day, he had his mother to work on it; she tied an iron wire to tufts of fur. Greenwood was awarded a patent for the idea on March 13, 1877, after this model was accepted. As every product evolves over time, this item grew and became available in a variety of models.


Earmuffs are ideal for when you need to shield your ears from the cold but don't want to cover your whole head. A hat can get warm really easily, so virtually no air can escape from it and that is why there is a risk that the head begins to itch because of the warmth. Earmuffs have protection from this. The regular earmuffs just keep the ears wet. If you have the 'headband' style, you should wear it so that it covers your forehead from the cold as well. This is ideal for when you're out riding or walking.

The earmuffs are useful in more ways than one. A sweet model completes your ensemble and makes you look fashionable. People with head and hair accessories are becoming more popular. The Little Green Bag's earmuffs ensure that you have the right winter look!

Order your earmuffs online!

Have you spotted a pair of earmuffs that you like? Order them conveniently online at our webshop and take advantage of The Little Green Bag's many benefits! We send the ear muffs for free, and you save for Baggies (which you can use to get a discount on the next purchase!) automatically. and even more!