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Tablet sleeves

Tablet sleeves

Tablet sleeves

A tablet is small and thin, making it convenient to carry about. You stow it away in your suitcase and are good to go. Or maybe not there yet? Tablets, unfortunately, are susceptible to injury. That is why it is desirable to have good protection so that you can transport it from point A to point B undamaged - free of scratches and other flaws.

Collection tablet sleeves

Cowboysbag's tablet sleeves are a cool and practical accessory. The sleeves are made of high-quality leather, just like all Cowboysbag bags, so they match beautifully with Cowboysbag bags and all other Cowboysbag products. The sleeve consists of a slot into which you can easily slide your tablet. Super handy for taking to work or school. In this way your tablet remains undamaged and you can use it for years.

The iPad sleeves Zusss are multifunctional. By the sleeve you can easily put the iPad upright. This way your iPad is stable on the table and you can easily watch a movie or get to work. There are also several pockets in the case where you can keep important cards or papers. Besides these pockets there is also an elastic band around the Ipad case, where you can easily store your notes. On the side of the cover there is also an elastic ring where you can easily put a pen. A real iPad sleeve for at home or on the go.

The sleeves of MYOMY are made of leather and match the My Paper Bag of MYOMY. This way you can combine the sleeve nicely with the bags of this brand. The iPad sleeve ensures that you can put your iPad upright. This way you can easily read and watch something while the tablet is on the table.

Also the tablet sleeves of Mujjo are a must-have in the collection. These sleeves are made of high-quality leather and have an eye for detail. The vegetable tanned leather is treated with special wax to increase the durability and gives the leather a great look. The sleeves are available in beautiful solid colours. These match perfectly with the bags of Mujjo. This sleeve offers optimal protection for your tablet. The tablet sleeve also has room for notes, earplugs and many other essentials.

In our collection you can find sleeves suitable for iPads and tablets from brands like Samsung.

Order your tablet sleeve online

Did you find a sleeve that fits your tablet? You will always find something that fits you and your style. Order your item online and experience all comforts. Within a few clicks you are the proud owner of your new purchase. We will immediately start working on your order.