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CabinZero backpacks

CabinZero backpacks
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CabinZero backpacks

CabinZero backpacks are known for their great quality, amazing outdoor usage and are very comfortable to wear. It started over 20 years ago, when Neil Varden decided to travel around India. This trip taught him a lot, including the necessity of a good bag. The CabinZero backpacks adhere to the universal standards of international airline companies. The backpacks have many practical usages, such as an addresstag with tracking system, zipperlocks, and different pockets to store away your items safely. And above all, the bags come with a 10 year guarantee with the company.

The backpack collection by CabinZero

The backpack collection by CabinZero at The Little Green Bag can offer you whatever you are looking for. The backpacks come in different sizes to ensure that you will receive the backpack that is perfect for your coming trip. We offer the 28L backpacks, the 36L backpacks and the 44L backpacks. The backpacks are made from water-resistant polyester and are perfect for longer trips. The Classic Cabin Backpack 44 L offers enough space for all your items without becoming too heavy. The bags are comfortable to carry around for a longer period of time and are equipped with padded shoulderstraps and a padded back insert. The Military Cabin Backpack 36 L is slightly smaller and only weighs 0.7 kilograms. The bag has clips to ensure it keeps its size small and compact but has all the other advantages of owning a CabinZero backpack.

Order your CabinZero backpack online

Did you find your new CabinZero bag? Order your travel buddy quickly and easily in our online store. We will process your order immediately to ensure that you can travel with your CabinZero bag as soon as possible.

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