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Rain covers

Rain covers

Rain covers

A rain cover for your backpack is the only rain shelter you can provide it with. Your things are sure to remain dry and undamaged with a rain cover. A rain cover is useful not only for a rainy bike ride but also for travel safety. The rain cover stops water from going into the backpack. The rain covers come with a small pocket in which to store them. You can store the rain cover here when you don't need it. The rain covers come with a handy cord that you can use to wrap securely around your bag. Choose a unique or vivid color to make your bag stand out.

Backpacks are available from Little Green Bag in a number of styles. Daypacks, laptop backpacks, camping backpacks, and anti-theft backpacks are only a few examples. Many of these are worn on a regular basis. It would be a shame if these were to be harmed by rain or flight. Rain covers remove this concern altogether, guaranteeing that your backpack and its contents remain dry. This will hold your dream backpack looking brand new for a long time. Using a rain cover from our range to shield your beloved bag.

Rain covers by Fjällräven

The Fjällräven rain covers are built to secure a Fjällräven backpack with a size of 16 to 28 litres. During a hurricane, the elastic cord holds the rain cover in place. The backpack can also be conveniently carried due to the cover's side handlebars. The cover is compact enough to fit in a small pack.You won't need too much additional room to hold your rain cover this way. You will also be more conspicuous in traffic because of the light color. Would you want a calming color? This is also an option. You will adapt the color to your Fjällräven backpack this way.

Rain covers by XD Design

The XD Design rain covers secure your XD Design backpack well. The cover is conveniently foldable, making it convenient to carry. The cover will keep your backpack secure in the case of a hurricane or while driving. Your items will remain dry and undamaged. The cover is made of a water-resistant cloth. This material adds additional security to your XD Design backpack. The XD Design covers come in a variety of beautiful basic colors that go together with your XD Design backpack.

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Have you found a cool rain poncho? You will still be able to find one that suits your personal style. You can conveniently order your goods online. You will be the proud owner of your latest investment in just a few taps. We'll start working on your order as soon as possible.