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Bicycle bags

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Bicycle bags

Do you recognize jumping on your bike packed and bagged with heavy shopping bags? Bicycle bags are the ideal solution! You can easily put your school bag, laptop bag or groceries in these bags, so that you can continue your journey by bicycle without lugging all these heavy things.

Practical bicycle bags

Bicycle bags come in different models. We have the double bicycle bags, the single bicycle bag, but there are also bicycle bags without a carrier, these are called saddle bags. A bicycle bag means convenience and safety. Bicycle bags are usually considered old-fashioned. But nowadays the women bicycle bag come in all sizes, colors and patterns so you will definitely find yourself a trendy bicycle bag!

Double bicycle bags

The double bicycle bags are the most commonly sold model in the Netherlands. Double bicycle bags are available in different types, colors and sizes. The double bicycle bags are perfect for all bicycles with luggage carriers. Because the bicycle bag is attached to both sides of the wheel, the weight is well distributed which gives you more balance.

Reisenthel bicycle bags

Reisenthel bicycle bags are characterized by their modern look and are perfect for city people or outdoor types. Reisenthel's Urban collection focuses on less is more. The white and black bicycle bags are part of this collection. The bags are lightweight, but made of strong splash-proof material.

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Have you spotted your future bicycle bag in our webshop? Shop it online now! This way you can quickly enjoy your new bicycle bag. Would you rather see your bicycle bag in person first? Then you can visit one of our stores.