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Women Stockings

Women Stockings

Women Stockings

Stockings are a must-have item for the summer and winter seasons. We offer a wide range of stockings, from cotton, extra coat, invisible in (open) shoes, seam-free, anti-transparent, only for the toe, and sports-specific versions. Oroblu is a stocking brand with a wide selection. Oroblù is synonymous with quality, beauty, and sophistication.  The most important brand principles for Oroblù have always been continuous and intensive testing, immense scientific know-how, and related advances in product growth. Oroblù's creative nature ensures that it still introduces new offerings to the industry, all of which have remained absolute bestsellers.

Different types of denier

Do you want your wardrobe to have a feminine undertone? The Bas Riga Kous 20 denier is a lovely and refined choice. It's a lovely satin-shined translucent stay-up stocking. The stocking is made up of a mixture of 78 percent polyamide and 22 percent lycra. The tights often have a strengthened toe section that reduces the chance of ladders.

Bas Chic Up Stockings by Oroblu are also common. The concept is a conventional stocking with a classic twist. The stocking's fiber is made up of 86 percent polyamide and 14 percent lycra. The 15 denier translucent stocking has a lovely satin polish and a glamorous lace trim. Suntouch and black are the two colours available for the stockings.

The Oroblù goods are packaged in a white box with a black and white product portrait and a golden logo. The drop-shaped window highlights the goods' femininity.

Order your stockings online

Have you checked out our online store for your new stockings? Then place your order as soon as possible before they sell out. Of course, this winter and summer, you want to stroll in your beloved stockings. We'll get started on your order right away, ensuring that you have your latest must-have as soon as possible.