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XD Design Laptop Bags

XD Design Laptop Bags

XD Design Laptop Bags

Keep your belongings securely protected in an XD Design anti-theft backpack! XD Design is a Dutch designer brand that specifically focuses on anti-theft bags. The brand focuses on creating relevant and sustainable products that are very wallet-friendly. The design team takes into account all the needs of the consumer. XD Design is also constantly working for a better climate. This manifests itself in all aspects of the profession; from producing a product up to the packaging in which the bags are shipped.

A Sporty Business Bag

XD Design has designed several anti-theft backpacks. The current collection, the Bobby Collection, consists of sporty and businesslike models in the most beautiful colours. The business part is reflected in the storage compartments that all bags have. In each bag there is space for a laptop, tablet and a coffee cup. Ideal if you are on the way to an appointment!

The bags are unisex and therefore suitable for men and women! Right now the brand only focuses on backpacks. The backpacks are lightweight and can be worn comfortably while traveling. The XD Design bags have no visible openings and are made of a special material that is also water-resistant. The material consists of five different layers that are making theft impossible. The backpacks have multiple storage options, so you can always organize your stuff easily. The Bobby Backpacks can all be located on a suitcase, thanks to the luggage label on the back. The Bobby bags have a unique design so you can wear the backpack as comfy as possible. This is perfect for the ones who travel a lot!

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