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Quay Australia

Quay Australia

Quay Australia

Quay Australia is one of the hippest sunglasses brands of this time. The shades are mostly known for their enormous glasses and unique frames. With a nice print, outstanding shapes and the light weight, they make every outfit look like summer. Do they fit you? If you are brave hearted, careless and refreshing, if you love cool and self-willed sunglasses, the answer is yes!

The Key of Quay

Quay (pronounced as 'key') rised from an idea of Linda and Allen Hammond. It started at the side of the road, in the festival circuit. This is the perfect place for these colourful and happy sunglasses. Inspiration is drawn from the musical influences of Melbourne.

The enthusiasm about the sunnies spread fast. Linda and Allen's son, Zak, made the glasses go worldwide. By now, the brand is known all around the world.

Quay Australia sunglasses are everywhere

These sunnies are also discovered by the celebrities. As soon as the sun comes out, the Quay Australia sunglasses seem to show up on every famous face. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner and Gwen Stefani are just a few names of artists that fell in love with the brand.

Good to know: these trendy sunglasses are available for a nice price. So, you can look like a true fashionista as well! They are the ideal pair of sunglasses when you go out for a drink or on the beach, but -of course- are a true must have at festivals.

Cleaning your Quay sunglasses

These shades are easy to clean, with a microfiber cloth. You can also dunk a tissue in warm water and use it to clean the glasses. Make sure that you do not clean the glasses with parts of your clothes. The fabric might be harsh and could damage the glasses.

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