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Shoes and Flip Flops

The Little Green Bag is the go-to website for amazing bags and accessories, but now we are also your amazing shoe retailer. With some amazing collections by Fred de la Bretonière and Shabbies Amsterdam as well as many other brands, we will give you something new to wear for every day of the year. We have amazing rainboots, flip flops, sneakers and even winter boots available for you.


Enjoy the summer with some amazing espadrilles. Some of our favorites include designs by Fred de la Bretonière. The different prints and colors will lift up your mood even on the darkest of days. The design of the espadrille originates from the Pyrenees. The soles of these beach slippers are made from braided rope, which are braided using special techniques. This makes the sole firm and easy to walk on. This summer, espadrilles are back in fashion and so comfortable to wear everywhere you go.


Grab your sneakers and you are ready to go. The most amazing sneakers by Fred de la Bretonière and Zusss are now available in our collection. Not only are they super comfortable, they are also very fashion-forward. With these shoes on your feet, you will definitely catch everyone's eye.


Boots by Shabbies Amsterdam are easily recognizable because of their classic style and soft and neutral colors. The boots have the most comfortable fit and can be worn with every type of outfit. These boots are perfect for work, school, shopping or even a night out. Comfort is key.

Flip flops

Flip flops are the height of fashion in summer. Now with even more styles and colors, the collection at The Little Green Bag is bigger than it has ever been. The newest designs from brands like Reef and Havaianas will make your summer one to look forward to. The comfort of a good pair op flip flops is one that cannot be compared to. 

Order shoes or flip flops online

Did you find a pair of shoes or flip flops that you would like to add to your collection? Order them online to ensure that they will be yours soon! Order now to use our same day shipping service and these babies will be on your feet in no time.