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Happy Sammies Eco Upr 45/16 Lion

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Trolley XS Kids

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New Zea

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Happy Sammies Upright

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Childrens suitcases

Picking that perfect suitcase can be a difficult task. At The Little Green Bag we are happy to help with your choice! Our large collection of suitcases has the perfect case for you to take with you on your next holiday. There are many kinds of suitcases in our collection. We offer hand luggage, hardcases, softcases and business suitcases. Our collection is available in various sizes, colors and prints. Choose your favorite from brands such as SUITSUIT, Eastpak, Herschel Supply Co. and Delsey.

Hard cases

Do you like to travel by plane? Then we recommend you buy a hardcover suitcase. These cases are very sturdy and easy to use. The airport will be able to easily stack your suitcase with others without breaking any important items and the lack of fabric protects against theft. The suitcases are available in many different sizes and colors. SuitSuit, for example, offers hardcover suitcases in their Fabulous Fifties, Caretta and Fab Seventies collections. You will recognize your suitcase immediately and will grasp everyone's attention when you leave the airport.

Soft suitcases

Do you prefer to travel by car? Then a soft suitcase would suit your style better. The softcases are made from sturdy fabric and are more flexible to perfectly fit in the back of a car. You can even fill your suitcase to the max and there will still be room for that extra pair of shoes that you so desperately need.

Different sizes of suitcases

At The Little Green Bag we offer a large collection of suitcases in various different sizes. Before deciding on which suitcase you want to buy, it is important to know what you want to use it for. Here are our three different sizes of our collection:

The small cases measure to about 20 inches and are usually known as 'carry-on' hand luggage. This size is perfect for a weekend trip or a short business trip. It is important to check your airline's guidelines to see if you are allowed to bring this case in the cabin.

The medium suitcases are perfect for one to two weeks away on holiday. The suitcases are 24 inches tall and can fit all of your essential items easily. Never forget anything again.

Are you planning on lounging in the sun for 2 weeks or more? Then the 28-inch large suitcases are perfect for you. These large suitcases will ensure that you will have space for your entire wardrobe and have room left over to bring home some souvenirs. 

Business trip

Do you travel for work and prefer to buy a suitcase that accommodates to perfectly? No worries. The Delsey suitcases are perfect for those business trips. These suitcases have enough space for everything you could need and some even have a perfect laptop sleeve!

Order your suitcase online

Did you find a suitcase that fits your style and meets all requirements? Order the suitcase easily and quickly online at The Little Green Bag. We are official dealer of all our suitcase brands, so you are always assured that you have an original copy in your possession. We will get started with your order as soon as possible.