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Watches collection

A watch is the perfect accessory to show that you care about being on time. For women, the watch can complete your entire look. Men often use their watch as an extension of their style and personality. The bigger the better, because being seen is one of the most important features.

Back in time

Our entire lives are constructs of time, you are either on time, early or late everywhere you need to go. The perfect way to ensure that you are in fact on time, is to wear a watch. The watch was originally made as a navigation instrument by Peter Henlein. This was the first portable clock with a spring mechanism in the 16th century. The wristwatch did not come into fashion until the late 19th century. Women's watches were the height of fashion and were starting to become more popular. The current model, the battery watch, was first made available in the 1950s. Nowadays, the watch is one of the most popular accessories, that can be adjusted to everyone's personal style.

Different watches

Not only are watches very fashion-forward, there are many added features to the modern watch. Men's watches are more often slightly larger than women's watches and are often heavier. The watches often have other features such as the date available on them. Women's watches are often more simplistic and elegant in style. They are often delicate to see and stylish on the wrist. There is also a difference between 3 different kinds of watches: 3ATM, 5ATM and 10ATM. 

3ATM watch
The watches with the characteristic 3ATM mark are splash proof. This means that the watch is resistant to splashing water, for example in the rain or when you are washing your hands. It is good to know that the watch cannot withstand a large amount of water. So we discourage you to swim or shower with these kinds of watches.

5ATM watch
Would you like a watch that can be worn under water? Then choose a 5ATM watch. These watches are intended for showering or swimming. You have to take into account that the temperature differences between the water and the 'normal' temperature are not too big. The watch is just a little less resistant to that.

10ATM watch
Are you a real diver or crazy about another water sport? Then a 10ATM watch is really something for you. With this watch you are completely ready to go into the water intensively. So you can still check the time even under water.

Buy a watch online

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